Fast Courier close to you with
PRIORIPOST items reach the destination in:
  • 12 hours for mail items distributed within the same locality
  • 24 hours for mail items distributed between the county seat and between counties
  • 36 hours between any other 2 localities
On Saturdays, the distribution is provided in all urban localities.

Maximum weight is 50 kg for contract customers who are located in one of the localities where is available the service collection and delivery at the / addressee address.

PRIORIPOST items may be submitted in the sender's own packaging or, in case of documents, in plasticized envelopes with the service logo, for the first categories of weight.
PRIORIPOST items can be submitted:
  • piece by piece
  • in bulks
Your items can be submitted to specialized post offices (in PRIORIPOST system) or can be retrieved from the sender's headquarters/residence (after a phone call or under contractual terms).
If a contract is concluded for the PRIORIPOST service
  • Both the posting and the distribution are made at the times agreed with the customer
  • The payment of the postal prices shall be done based on an invoice issued twice a month/monthly
PRIORIPOST service may include the following additional services
  • Value insurance
  • Postal acknowledgment of receipt (A.R.)
  • Postal acknowledgment of receipt in PRIORIPOST system (PCP)
  • Electronic acknowledgment of receipt (E.C.)
  • Repayment